Find Company Secretary

Importance of Company Secretary Find Company Secretary-A company secretary serves as a pivotal figure within an organization, responsible for ensuring legal compliance, promoting corporate governance, and facilitating effective communication between the board of directors, management, and stakeholders. Their role encompasses a wide range of duties, including maintaining statutory registers, filing annual returns, organizing board meetings, […]

Compliance Certificate

Compliance with the Companies Act 2013: A Guide for Indian Corporations Introduction -Compliance Certificate Compliance Certificate- In the realm of corporate governance in India, adherence to the Companies Act 2013 is paramount for businesses to operate legally and effectively. This comprehensive legislation governs various facets of company operations, ranging from the appointment and remuneration of […]

ESI Return

Comprehensive Guide to ESI Return Filing and Due Dates Understanding Employee’s State Insurance (ESI) ESI Return-Employee’s State Insurance (ESI) stands as a pivotal self-financing social security and health insurance scheme designed for Indian workers. Enforced under the ESI Act of 1948, this scheme mandates registration for employers with 10 or more employees. The ESI Corporation, […]