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Cyber Protection and Global Cyber BusinessCyber risk is a board-level imperative. Is your organization prepared for an attack?Cyber attacks are inevitable in today’s connected world. Sophisticated criminal gangs, hacktivists, terrorist groups, rogue states and even your own employees are carrying them out. A corporate response to a cyber threat must be consistent, planned, practiced and fast.Why Cyber Risk Assessments and Cyber Strategies are a Board-Level PriorityTechnology alone does not resolve cyber threats. Companies must pull together a pan-enterprise, multidisciplinary team, led by the board and including leaders from Security, HR, Legal, Marketing, Finance, Risk, PR and Technology to develop a robust cyber security strategy.An effective cyber security strategy considers all sources of a potential attack. It also addresses the weakest links in the chain – people. Outdated business processes, employee behavior and poor discipline in the use of technology all increase cyber protection risks. Cyber security strategies must address all of them. To learn more about why a radical new approach to cyber protection is needed, read our new report, Cyber Security: The Corporate Blind Spot.

Source: Cyber Protection and Global Cyber Business | Alvarez & Marsal